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 ====== Утилита msmtp ====== ====== Утилита msmtp ======
 +# apt install msmtp
 +# cat /​etc/​msmtprc
 +port 25
 +tls off
 +auth off
 +account default
 +host mail.isp.un
 +domain server.corpX.un
 +#from asterisk@server.corpX.un ​ #need for mutt
 +$ cat mail.txt
 +Content-Type:​ text/plain; charset=UTF-8
 +To: userX@isp.un
 +From: Asterisk <​asterisk@server.corpX.un>​
 +Subject: Record
 +cat mail.txt | msmtp -f asterisk@server.corpX.un userX@isp.un
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