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Line 412: Line 412:
   echo -e "​Content-Type:​ text/​html;​\r"​   echo -e "​Content-Type:​ text/​html;​\r"​
   echo -e "​\r"​   echo -e "​\r"​
-  echo -e "<​h1>​$url Not Found in container `hostname`</​h1>"​+  ​ip=`awk '/32 host/ { print f } {f=$2}'​ <<<​ "​$(</​proc/​net/​fib_trie)"​ | sort -u | grep -v` 
 +  ​echo -e "<​h1>​$url Not Found in container `hostname` ​with ip $ip</​h1>"​
 fi fi
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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