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Linux Hardened

Hardened Gentoo

HW: 2048GB 2CPU, HDD 16Gb

gentoo ~ # rm /usr/src

gentoo ~ # time emerge --oneshot gcc
real    83m7.695s
user    127m57.571s
sys     13m31.611s

gentoo ~ # time emerge --oneshot binutils virtual/libc
real    8m0.371s
user    10m8.256s
sys     1m33.139s

gentoo ~ # time emerge --emptytree --verbose @world
real    39m26.852s
user    41m13.918s
sys     12m43.084s

Hardened Debian/Ubuntu

# cd /usr/src

# wget

# cd linux-*

# patch -p1 < ../grsecurity-X.X.X-X.X.X-201XXXXXXXX.patch

# apt-get install gcc-4.6-plugin-dev
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